Half Moon Dips

pickle and jalapeno

Dip into Dill.

Dip into a unique, flavorful experience that will have you reaching for the chip bag again and again. Once you try this concoction of cream cheese and dill pickle, you’ll never go back to those boring old dips. Plus, the name is extremely fun to say. Try it. Pickle dip!

Holy Jalapenos!

Something explosively good awaits your taste buds (they’ll never know what hit them). It’s our Jalapeno dip! With chunks of crisp delicious peppers in each bite, you’ll be screaming… for more.

It all began...

when three lifelong friends from western Louisville, Kentucky - a land steeped in tradition - decided to start Half Moon Premium Foods in order to share their love of all things positive with the world, one tub of first-rate dip at a time.

Based on family recipes handed down through generations, these fine chip companions are poised on the verge of snack food world domination, simply because these spectacularly unique dips are so darn good.

No good time is complete without a Half Moon dip. So while you’re out enjoying some fine bourbon, watching some fast horses and listening to some good ol’ rock and roll music, don’t forget a tasty Half Moon dip. And remember, it’s just as enjoyable when it’s licked from a finger as it is eaten from a chip, because this dip really is all you need.


Half Moon Dip location illustration

Never fear! Half Moon dips will soon be near! We’re located in Louisville, KY and coming soon to a store near you. So, keep checking back and we’ll keep you posted on our new locations. If you’re on our map and still can’t find our dips, well, what can we say? They’re so good, they’re probably just sold out.

  • Coach’s Corner - Louisville, KY
  • Kern's Korner - Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY
  • Liquor Barn - Bowling Green, KY
  • Liquor Barn - Lexington, KY locations
  • Liquor Barn - Louisville, KY locations
  • Party Center - Prospect, KY
  • Party Mart - Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY
  • Party Mart - Gardiner Lane, Louisville, KY
  • Paul's Fruit Market - Middletown, KY
  • Paul's Fruit Market - Old Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY

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1800 Kentucky Home Life Building
Louisville, KY, 40202